Gameboy Advance Games

Hey! I just got a Gameboy Advance SP last night, and I’d like to see what everyone’s favorite Gameboy Advance games are!

My favorite: Fire Emblem (because it’s the only one I own :P)

I hear Fire Emblem is real good. Advance Wars is supposed to be another must have.

of course I dont have one nor have I played either so … :wink:

Ive got

Advance Wars 2
Street Fighter 2: Turbo Revival
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4
Sonic Advance 2
Mario Kart

My bro has:

Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Lunar Legend
Breath of Fire 2

If you don’t have Advance Wars 1, then just buy Advance Wars 2, it’s more of the same, only better. I guess if you have Advance Wars 1 (which I don’t) and fancy more of the same amazingly addictive, brilliant gameplay, it’s worth getting the sequel!

I think I might get advance wars

after i beat Fire Emblem

Only got Final Fantasy Tactics so far, but I can recommend that. The gameplay is great and the graphics are so lovely. :slight_smile:

As a thought, did Square ever release Legend of Mana or Secret of Mana on the GBA?

don’t think so… you’d have to check… I would… but I can’t be arsed :slight_smile:

Lazy beggar… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, turns out that yes you can get it on GBA, but I can only find the Japanese version. :sure: On the plus side, Legend of Mana is available on US PlayStation. :slight_smile: Ahhh, I love my mod chip! :beam:

I’ve also found copies of Secret of Mana and Weaponlord for teh SNES… God, if only I hadn’t spent so much money at Christmas… :hangover:

there are lots of Gameboy Adv. things here:

They might have it there; if no where else.

CT: SPecial Forces looks good to me, does anyone know if it’s good?

I just got Metroid Fusion and it’s so awsome!

Man, this is so great.