anyone here play online games?

i play CS (counter-strike) and i find it incredibly fun…

just wondered what everyone else does, although i know alot of people here have jobs and dont use their free time (if any) to play games

but whatever


so what’s your screen name?
Mine is: IshiXP

i play cs - name is GENESIS

lol, how should we find each other by screenname ? Is there still this search engine ? My name is ‘nosound’

lol, yea there is a search thing,

my nickname on CS is: x4.hawk

sometimes i have an added tag though, i.e.:
x4.hawk -i roxxor-
x4.hawk -owned-
x4.hawk -i sux!-

except where there are dashes, is normally greaterthan/lessthan symbols


hope we can play sometime


I play medal of honor online whenever I do find the time to play. Great game… never really got into the CS series.

I used to play CS, nickname: Raion. But I got tired of it.
StarCraft was also one of my favourite online games.

i play online yahooo billiard (pool):beam:

i play nintendo…