Hey does anyone here play online games?

just wondering if anyone of you online warriors lol, ever played online games, such as runescape.com, and my favourite www.idlepimps.com

so if any one of you play these games please speak up !! and leave names !

if you play any other games let us know what they are !!


you do know that there’s a gaming forum dont you :stuck_out_tongue:

E1KO, quick question…is your avatar a character from the arguably best racing game ever…Wacky Wheels?

Who doesn’t play online game eiko!?!
I’ve been addicted to online gaming ever since it first came out!

I play : Xbox Live, Counter-strike, Halo (Xbc), Diablo 2: LoD, runescape, Tactics Arena Online, and 'hella much more!

thx +_+


first things first.
thoriphes: wacky wheels !! it is nothing but donkey kong from mario cart !! :thumb:

now that is the best racing game ever !!

and thanks grinch ! i am not the only one !


I play Day of Defeat and CS atm… I got them free with my 9800 XT :slight_smile:

If you mean online Computer Games:

I play:

  • UT2k3 (quite good at that one too)
  • SOF II
  • Will start with CoD as soon as I finish the Single Player Campaign

And if you mean MMORPGS: Kingsofchaos =)