Gaming News: GC now $99, HL2 delayed (etc)

Nintendo’s GameCube SRP has been officially set at $99 which sets it to about what Gameboy Advanced is now selling for. yesterday Amazon and Toys R Us had reduced the price to $99 (online) and a MCV article today confirms it.

This gives the GC a $80 edge over the competition as it is well needed in a PS2 dominated market which can be seen here (gamespy)
Perhaps the lower price and the fact that not everyone yet has a GC could be adventageous for Nintendo this Christmas season.


Everyone’s most anticipated FPS sequel, Half Life 2, has been delayed from its Sept 30 release (which is hella soon). They still expect a release in time for chistmas but a definite date is not yet available. Related link:


Some new info has been released on everyone’s second most anticipated FPS sequel (or atleast the 3rd int he series - not sure if that still qualifies as a sequel?), Doom 3. Read more about it here on gamespy.


In other new games, look out for a RTS of Lord of the Rings from the makers of Command and Conquer.


Some of the screens are pretty wild if you ask me. I look at them and I keep thinking “chug” :!: like this one
Lots and lots of fighting guys on the screen. Must be a pretty wild ride. High hopes for that one.


And just for fun heres a gamespot look at the best game bosses

And a link from gamespy about the 25 most overrated games