GD Graphics Library now supports .gif

Version 2.0.28 restores support for GIF images, thanks to the recent expiration of several patents.
although i never use gifs and don’t recommend them… still good to know =)

well… it’s about time that the pattents are expired, but I never use them either, thanks :slight_smile:

Aren’t gifs much more useful when it comes to simple, crips graphics ? (ie pixel buttons / smileys etc…) ?

actually it’s always better to use png instead of gif but if u want to use pixel fonts with gd the tehy’re useful (although 'd still use png) :wink:

GIF allows you to control how many color channels there are. GIF also allows you to control how many color hexes there are out of 256. I don’t know why people think PNG is better, since PNG just gives transparency, along with a huge size boost.

GIF is extremely useful to control size. That’s what I used for my footer and I got the gif to save the footer at 14.97 kb.

Some ppl who use linux and all that kinds of stuff can’t view gifs

Ah, gotcha :).

Still, GIF is still useful, especially for file size.

PNG are awesome because they support semi-transarent items. But again, the file sizes are insane. When everyone joins the 21st century (or is it the 22nd now?) and gets the high speed connection PNG will definately phase out the GIF. But as long as dial-up is still around, GIF will definately be around.


8-bit PNGs are very similar to gifs and can rival gif in file size with similar settings (often much better, but not always).

So basically GIF will be around forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s that info from?
Would be cool to finally get gif support back into GD!
IE is still the most used browser, and no matter how many of ya are gonna start the “I use Firefox and it rox” song, IE is what it is: a bad browser not correctly supporting png’s:
You need workarounds to get the transparency right, so gif’s ARE still usefull… and then, make me an animated png… :wink:

hm I thought I posted a link too but meh…
who uses animated gifs these days? Flash all the way man :wink: :beer:

Actually, 8-bit PNGs have exactly the same level of support in IE as GIFs do (ie, binary transparency) :wink:

Yeah, but unfortunately to use its futher enhancements (semi-transparency) you have to use a long list of style effects that seem to involve DirectX.

Way to go Microsoft.