General question..but for "falling snow"

I recently complete the tutorial, “Falling Snow” in the Flash MX special effects section. This is probably a simple question but I was wondering how do you change the location of the movie clip on the stage?
If possible, I would like to move the clip to a different section of the stage to appear inside another graphic. When I postion the “snow” instance in the location in which I want it to play it still plays in the top left corner of the document.

If anyone can help it would be greatly Appreciated.


Is there any way to make the snow stop falling say half way down the stage instead of the bottom?

im a newbie but i think i can answer this one - been playing with the snow today as well…

say your movie is 600 pixels high - well in the action script tell the snow movie to be 300 high and the snow will stop in teh middle for you.

I wish it were that simply. The snow.swf is set to 10 pixels in heighth in the ActionScript and the movie that is being placed into is 500 pixels heighth. The snow, which falls up, always stretches beyond the 10 pixels when it is moved in the movie to “float” to the top even though I want it to stop after the 10 pixels which it is set for.