Generic hitTesting?

Good day ladies and gents, I’m back on “the project”. Competely revamping it, but for now I’m just working on engines. Right now I’m working on an advanced hitTesting engine, and I need your help.

What I’m trying to do here is create an engine that will detect collision with one object instead of two. That basically means that if any other objects touch this movie clip, the hitTest will return True. Right now the .fla containing the engine has nothing but a circle that can be moved using arrow keys and 8 squares that dissapear when touched by the circle. Obviously, I could do something like:

if (circle.hitTest(square1)) {
do so and so
} else if (circle.hitTest(square2)) {
do this and that
} etc…

But that would be too long, since the engine has to be able to contain 100 squares without too much change in the code. Could somebody please help me with this?

Thanks in advance,