George Dakapu - Graphinence

I have to hand it to George. What a great achievement he has made

  1. At 5 years old - won Children’s Art Price
  2. At 12 years old - opens a solo exhibition of his drawings
  3. At 13 years old - starts a private apprenticeship
  4. 2003 - Won competition for creative work for the 2nd biggest europe telecom company
  5. 2004 - 18 years old, moved and now located in the heart of Sydney establises a webdesign company, Graphinence
  6. After four months in Sydney - Opens fourth solo art exhibition in Circular Quay opposite the Opera House.

Added to that, has an extensive portfolio and intergrating something we dont see alot of, using real people and animation for the interface of his website.

URL: www.g[url=“”][color=black]raphinence[/color].com

Site was pretty cool. I wish there was more interaction with the 3-d Real Life aspects of the site. He has accomplished some big things thus far in life.

Yeh that was something he could improve on.