Getting 429 response when checking ip address

I’m sorry to have so many questions.

When I check “” by putting it in a browser, it works fine. But in my code I get a 429 response. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

I think it’s just a result of that website implementing rate-limiting controls. (HTTP 429 is “too many requests”) My guess is that it’s checking the referring domain to see where the request is coming from. If you’re running on your local machine, it’s going to see “localhost” or similar.

A workaround would be to build your own mini IP info service… could be a fun exercise if you haven’t done much server programming in a while.

Great, thanks for the assist. Head back down :slight_smile:

That is something that has come up quite a bit! This is a side-effect of rate limiting as kril mentions. One way around it is to sign-up for your free ipinfo account. You can use my free token if you don’t feel like signing-up: IPAddress from React book component only works w/ "on your network" :slight_smile:

Also, we are all here to help! No need to apologize for having many questions haha :sunny:

429 status code means getting too many requests. You can retry the API call in the specified time period.