XMLHttpRequest() .status code 429

I have written some React code that makes a single Http request to
a site. I keep getting a 429 response code indicating my code is
sending too many requests to the server. The code is only making
one XMLHttpRequest; Does anyone happen to have an idea why I
could be getting the 429 status?
Thanks for the help.

What site or endpoint are you making the request to? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I found the answer to my problem in an earlier post by another user;

Was it for ipinfo.io? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just in case someone (like me :sweat_smile:) ends up in this post, here’s the link to the solution: Kirupa’s Solution

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Thanks for the bump on this! I’ll get this revised in a future edition of the book as well as the tutorials here :slight_smile:

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