Getting dir names as a links in menu

i have problem to do something in flash MX 2004 so i have question to this fine community

  1. there are some CD’s with some subdirectories [ names of subdirectories are different on every CD ]

  2. on these CD’s are autorun.exe [ created with SWF Studio ] which contains swf ,and this swf is used to show content of

main folder

  1. in every subdirectory there is the same swf file and it is showing content of the subdirectory.

—and here goes my question—

is there posibility to make a simple menu [ in the swf file from 2nd point ] which will be containig links to swf files in subdirectories ,but it should dynamically get subdirectories names and transform them into menu links

for example:

beneath is example structure of CD.


and menu should look like this:


i want it dynamically coz subdirectory names are sometimes different ,sometimes are 3 subdirectories but sometimes there are 10 of them, and i don’t wanna edit .FLA file every time.

thanx for any help…but some script or .FLA file with example will be very very big help for me…i’m newbie in flash.