Getting Email addresses etc?

I couldnt decide wether this was a server-side or client-side issue - so i think ill ask here:

Theres this site that lists thousands upon thousands of organisations and companies in South Australia -

Our company is doing a promotion and we need to email out to every organisation informing them that they are eligible to be involved.

My boss wants me to somehow collect the email address from every single one and put them all into a miassive string delimited with a “|” or a “;” Since the site is cfm based I can see that the content for each organisation is accessed using a few id variables tacked on the end of the URL ie:[COLOR=Red]**dataset_doc_id=106&document_id=542

**[COLOR=Black]Anyone have any ideas on what/how to loop thru all the ids on that site to access each organisations page, *and *for each one, find the email address information in the td cell (unfortunately the email address cell isnt labeld with an id, so im guessing ill ahve to just look thru each document for the “@” cahracter and then somehow grab the whole word)?

I assume javascript is the logical choice to actually access the contents of the table cell that has the email in it for its access to the DOM. But i dont know if its capable of looking thru all the relevant thousands of documents…

This is a real doozy - anyone got any ideas?