Getting 'on(release, keyPress"<Enter>")' to work with an InputText box

Hi there. I’m a noob (clearly), and I’m trying to get an InputText field to submit text to a Google site search by hitting the Enter key. I can get it to work when I click on a button, but I’d really like it to work with just hitting the Enter key. Right now, when I hit the Enter key it erases the text from the search box (but doesn’t actually clear the search).

I think there must be a simple way to do this and I must be missing some key step.

I have an InputText box that is named “searchword” and a button named “Searchbtn” containing the following ActionScript command:

on(release, keyPress"<Enter>"){
getURL(“” + escape(searchword.text+""), “_blank”)

Like I said, everything but the ‘on(release, keyPress"<Enter>")’ is working.

I’ve also tried ‘on(keyPress"<Enter>")’, but I get the same result.

Any tutorial or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!