Getting on web search engines

This is a little off topic, but you were such a help on my last question (thank you!). My webs are up and running. I go to google and other web search engines and search on my key words, but my sites never come up. Do I have to, or is there a way to notify, search engine hosts that the web sites are there and should come up, even at the bottom, of someone’s search on my topics?
Thanks in advance for any help anyone out there can give me.

Hey PaulG,
An experienced forum member wrote a good article on how to get your site placed on search engines. The URL of the article is:

Hope that helps.

Kirupa :rambo:

If u want real visablitlity u need to pay. My x boss used and It gets VERY expensive to advertise on search engines.

Overture is the best but the most expensive too. If u keep your listing in the top 3 position u are on most search engines on the net.


I didn’t advertise or pay at all. I can be found on google, yahoo, lycos, overture, hot bot, etc. I just submitted my site to a few search engines and it seemed to have caught on to all the others.

If you want it to get around FAST is when you shell out loads of money.

If you want it to get around FAST is when you shell out loads of money.

Yes, and keep it in the top postionings. My x boss shells out TONS of $$ to stay on the top 3 positions on overture.

Thats crazy, but I guess it’s worth it for the business. I just submitted mine to a few minor search engines, then let time takes it course and bam. If you run a search for my real name on Overture, I come back in the first 3 results. Ok, so maybe not MY SITE comes back, but places I have to deal with do. I haven’t resubmitted my site since I got my own domain name so I have to get crackin on that.