Website hits

wattup ppl, my ? is, how can i get my pg ontop or somewhere on the 1st pg of the list on a search engine, ive read so many diff things that i dunno what to do

as a matter a fact heres a link

is it good if you pay or, is it better to not pay and do yur self???

:slight_smile: hi there, my experiences are:
i once payed a submitwebsite, I never came in top, only some searchengines like aol and hotbot, my page stood by the top 10.
But at google it is a search of 40 pages, I don’t know why and how it comes that google is different.

But why pay, i believe there is a program submitwolf, you should try it, if you are convinced you even can buy it, and have more searchengines available to submit.
I believed there is a demoversion, with only google and some other well known search engines.

It’s at this link and as far as I know, the most handy program for submitting.

Hope I helped you a bit, others will probably know more, but this is my experience.

greets :crazy:

is there like a process ppl generally go through that always gets em good results???