Getting Prosperities of Dynamic Objects

I am looping through and creating a random number of dynamic objects. I am trying to create an click addEventListener that will trace the name property of the object being clicked. Here is my script:

var xSpacing:int = new int;
var textArray:Array = new Array;
for (var i:int = 1; i < 10; i++){ 
 textArray* = new TextField;
  text = i;
  height = 20;
  width = 20;
  x = xSpacing;
  y = 0;
  name = "box" + i;   
 textArray*.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function(event){ numberClicked(textArray*); });
public function numberClicked(o:Object){

When clicked the it tries to trace the next object (object 11) instead of tracing the one being clicked. How do I make the addEventListener unique to each instance?