Getting White on my Nerves

I want to use a black and white image on my site in such a way that only the black is visible.

How do I - either delete just the white (easy in photoshop not so easy in Flash) leaving just the black,


import it in such a way that the white is transparent?


a couple of ways:

one is to import a transparant image…either png or gif…

the other way is to break apart the image, use the magic wand and selct the color you want to remove…

probably a couple more ways I can’t think of at the moment:nerd:


=) Cheers on the new footer, Rev!


thanks… :slight_smile:


dexa_007 I love your footer. Looks real nice and slick:) =) :stuck_out_tongue:

stammering, blushing, and kicking the floor Why thank you! Dan sent me off to the text woodshed, so I’m working on that now. :cowboy:


For some reason the colour chart I have of HTML colours hasn’t got white’s on it - anyone…?

I’ve always like the color charts at …

Hope this helps … err … and that I interpreted your inquiry correctly. If not, enjoy the charts anyway. :slight_smile:


Crud! I just tried the link. The page appears to be down tonight. I use it all the time. Hmmm …

The light shall shine tomorrow.



HTML BLACK = #000000

(If I understood correctly)

Strange - that’s what I figured, and I have FFFFFF in my text. The only problem is, when I select it it gets lighter, whiter, and if the selected words are white then - what’s mine?


I’ll try again …

You can always use the word “White”.