getURL and java


I have been trying to get my flash navigation to load HTML content into my page with out reloading the whole page. I have gotten pretty far using “Ajax”…

I can get it to work if my links are hard coded like this:

   getURL("javascript:mypage('content.htm', 'leftcolumn')");

This works perfect… However, I want to be able to load the ‘content.htm’ part in dynamicly (using XML).
I set a variable “say” link to = “javascript:mypage(‘content.htm’, ‘leftcolumn’)” (including the quotes b/c i know the getURL needs them…

Then when I try to pass tat var through the getURL like this:


It does not work. When i publish the page the link should load content into the ‘leftcolumn’ <div> instead it opens a new window and gives me the 404 error that that page cant be found…

Is ther a way to pass a var through the getURL that will work???
Is there a better way all together??