getURL problem

Hopefully someone can help me with my problem…
I’m currently working on a flash web file, my buttons work fine for linking from one page to another, the problem however is when I try to link to an external html file.

The html file is a camtasia video, and is held on a shared network here at school.

I have placed my flash files in the same folder.

My code looks like this ->

on (press) {
getURL("O:\Students\ICT\Mission Maker Flash\Video Tutorials\Lesson 1\01 - Getting Started\Getting Started.html",_blank);

And the error message says…

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial]No web page was found for the web address:file:///O:/tudents/CT/ission%20Maker%20Flash/ideo%20Tutorials/esson%201%01%20-%20Getting%20Started/etting%20Started.html[/FONT][/COLOR]

Any ideas?