getURL with body and subject

I am trying to use the getURL to send an email with a subject and body in Flash 8. It works in the SWF but once embedded in the HTML, the mail pops up but it does not get populated with the variables I pass for the body and subject. I read somewhere that it might be a security thing in Flash 8. Is there a way to get around it?

I have tried this:
getURL(“mailto:?subject=this is my subject&body=this is the body”);

and this:
var temp1:String = “this is the subject”;
var temp2:String = “this is the body”;
getURL(“mailto:?subject=”+ temp1 + “&body=”+ temp2);

and this:
var temp:String = “mailto:?subject=this is my subject&body=this is the body”

None of these seem to work. Always does the same thing (works from SWF, but not from HTML).
Any help would be appreciated.