Mailbutton in flash (getURL?) [forgot it...]

How to make a button that sends mail.\rsumthin like getURL(mailto… or sumthin???

mailto:[email protected]

Nope it’s not working…

Yes it is…With “” I believe.\r\rpom 0]

mailto:[email protected]\r\rworks when I use it.

getURL ("mailto:[email protected]?subject=your subject here&body=your body", “_parent”);\rthe email address, subject and body can be variables.\r:) \rjeremy

Those variables must start with a large letter like ?Subject= instead of ?subject=.\rIt’s case sensitive you see… See examples:\r\rmailto:[email protected]?Subject=Tech Support?Body=Yo wassup I need help\r\rMakes:\r\rTo: [email protected]\rSubject: Tech Support\rBody:\rYo wassup I need help\r\rmailto:[email protected]?subject=Tech Support?body=Yo wassup I need help\r\rMakes:\r\rTo: [email protected]?subject=Tech Support?body=Yo wassup I need help\rSubject:\rBody:\r\rAlso the mailto: doesn’t require “”, so you don’t need to make:\rmailto:[email protected]?Subject=“Tech Support”\rBecause it’ll result in:\r\rTo: [email protected]\rSubject: “Tech Support”