Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence

just plain cool.
Ghost in the Shell is about the only anime I have in my DVD(/VHS) collection (well that and animatrix) so this is nice… and it looks even nicer.


aaarAAAAGGGGRRH…fullscreen website…ABORT…ABORT…dammit

holy crap but it is a sweet one…

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aaarAAAAGGGGRRH…fullscreen website…ABORT…ABORT…dammit

Rofl :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t really like it … it was too … big and busy I guess.

I loved Ghost in the Shel… Even the game for PS was enjoyable in my mind… Not my fav. anime… But a good one none-the-less. :slight_smile:

I actually didnt look at the site much, mostly drooled over the trailer :slight_smile:

direct link:

man that trailer is intense…but HAHAHAHAHA…the way the dude say innocence at the end is HEEELLLLLA funny…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sweet Jesus on a smokin’ birch bark canoe!I:-)

Seems like its done with the new Cel Shading rendering capabilities of Lightwave i think sure looks like it nice cant wait :thumb:

UK version of site just been launched for the follow-up to this manga classic :¬) Can’t wait!!

Ahh sweet. That film is excellent, didn’t even know about a sequel :scream::stuck_out_tongue:

ohh man ghost in the shell !! i love that film !!! it is responsible for starting my love for anime :love:

everyone has to go to the gallery !! it is fantasic !!

ahh ghost in the shell will you everv dissapoint me !!


merged threads :wink:

haha, this is amazing sen, for no reason at all I put ‚Äúghost in the shell‚ÄĚ part 1 (dvd) on to watch this afternoon‚Ķ and at the end my brother asked me ‚Äúis there another part to this‚ÄĚ, i was like i dont know‚Ķ

and now i find this thread, lol… freaky. :crazy:


just watched the trailer and wow… looks great, i wonder how much of it is 3d and how much is traditional art… be good to find out.

I think a lot of the 3d would be seemless too (I would imagine). The first one was like that, it wasnt no where near as aparent as something like titan AE. I can only imagine with technology today that it would be even less apparent.

You should all watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (GIG1 and GIG2). That’s the standalone series of GITS from the same people who make the movies. It rox!

I think I saw that the other day in best buy. I think Ill probably pick it up tomorrow when I get Kill Bill v2.