Giant skeleton fond on a polar island


i dont know is this is a hooks, but looks like this is true‚Ķ story goes this guy ‚ÄúArkadysimkin‚ÄĚ tells on a few radio stations that he found some kind of huge creatures skeleton that has bin revealed dew to gloablwarming‚Ķ im not shore this is an creature that lived here on earth a million years ago or if its something other‚Ķ

he talks about a myth called ‚Äúkatanka or katanga‚ÄĚ this myth tells that there a villages with ellderly telling a myth about this giant creature that hauhnts the pll of that village‚Ķ that if they eat to muchof earths resources that this creature cos and eats them‚Ķ od destroy‚Äôs there village???

here is a video clip:
de guy that tells this story is here: