Video of winged creature found in spain!

Scary video, especially at the end. Not sure if its real or not but may have something to do with (nice flash site BTW). Perhaps some sort of marketing ploy.

Anyone else notice a trend in companies putting fake videos and starting fake rumors online in order to gain more buzz about their products?

For example remember last years videos of uncovered skeletal remain of mysterious giant creatures that circled around video sites, which was later found out to be released by the people who produced the PS2 game Giant of the Colosus

duh that video is so dumb… check out the other videos that guys has on his account… they are all like… fake and have to do with wings…

I DO TOO have wings :frowning:

Watch it again with the sound off. Like I did…

Most you really see is a feather that might be from a seagull.
Even so it’s doughtfull.

“Who is this buggerman?” - Montgomery Burns

The gates to Oblivion have been opened! Every man for himself!! :d: