Give a guy a hand?

hey i was wondering if anyone here had a server that ran php,mySQL//Apache and flash on it. if anyone does… i wanted to try and run my flash chat i just setup on the interenet :smiley: i only need like 100k of space [under that i think]. if anyone wants to then make a database called: " chat " and a table named " xchater " and after that run the command for the tables and stuff :

CREATE TABLE $tablenamechosed1 (
id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
name varchar(12) NOT NULL default ‘’,
testo varchar(255) NOT NULL default ‘’,
temp int(10) NOT NULL default ‘0’,

and then contact me if u need any more info… i have the files

  • Matt

if you want to drop me a pm with your files i’ll let you test it on my server,

Why not create your own local server ?

Even better idea :thumb:

oo yahh thx lol

  • digital : would that testing be… 4 ever? :smiley: