Gizmodo and a Contest

Hey everyone,
In case you missed the thread in the Battle Forum, one of the contests on the site will be done by (

I had no idea about this, but it’s good to see that members are taking initiative on their own for some of the battles that they are participating in :slight_smile:

Kirupa :egg:

I hope that Matt Gallant who apparently wrote a few reviews on that site isn’t the same Matt from Planet’s Funniest Animals… :mad:

I’d love to kick him in the groin… or his joke writers… YUCK!

I had no idea either ! That’s pretty darned cool ! =)

Yeah - apparently the member MutedLogic asked them about this idea, and the people/person at gizmodo really liked the idea :slight_smile:

yeah I encouraged him to contact the peoples since the idea was “recreate the worst logo and make it better”…Wasnt sure if gizmodo would like the idea that they had the crappiest logo…lol. I am in that contest too. Hopefully there is a cool prize.

Contest just got upped on my radar. Now there is a cool prize


My brother wants to join up and and join this contest. I am going to make him a email address off of implod and his ip will be close or the same as mine since he is either on my computer or on my network. Just letting you guys know so there will be no reference to any contest hanky panky going on.

Nathan, a very cool prize

Im in it too, i havent battled in a while so i figure this could be a cool one

edit: nathan didnt see your post

Go figure, today we hit a new record:

310 people at 5:09 PM EST.

I think I am going to lock the thread temporarily so we can get some organization…people are going post crazy with logos. It is still a battle set at one round which means one entry.

yeah i agree Nathan.

sorry for any inconvenience Nathan :frowning:

nah its cool…I just want to keep it manageable. Since no one had any interest in it, now all of a sudden we have 400 people wanting in. That would be one hell of a poll. But if anyone thinks I am wrong about trying to manage it. Let me know.

Good idea - having more ordered guidelines would help :smirk:

DDD - won’t it be better to give the readers an ETA on when the thread will be opened or when a new thread will be created? If the SOTW forum is any indication, people who don’t intend to stick around here any longer than they have to, simply can’t read more than two words written directly above their post :stuck_out_tongue:

I am opening up a new thread now.

Hey K and others

What do you think about a panel of judges? Muted said he thinks it would be better if we had like 25 judges or some other method rather than a pulic one. Whatcha think?

I don’t know - a public one seems a good choice because the number of entries is limited. I don’t mind either method though. A panel of judges seems fair also :slight_smile:

Or we could do:

A) Panel of Judges decides top 5 for the public to vote on.

B) Public votes on top 5 for Panel of Judges to decide on.

I like Dan’s idea!

I’m concerned about all the gizmodo members. Is there a way we can check which member here voted for who?

It’s just with a prize like this, many of the peeps from gizmodo might just as well ask friends to sign up here and vote for them… :-/

or maybe I’m just paranoid… :stuck_out_tongue: