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Iam using Flash MX and am not a total newbie to it. I have used both Flash 5 and Flash MX for about 2 months now. But I have a question on how that was done.
Go to http://www.5sec.com/ and then on the menu bar click Free Stuuf once there…ahh never mind, I will just up load the zip file.

Now iam wondering how she linked all that text in the flash site.

Ok…if someone could fill me in on what is needed to bulid a flash site. Yes I did see the tutorial on this site…but being ADHD I need things in steps
What iam looking for is like…the things needed such as…code,how to do the menu,how to make the site quick loading,how to make it easy to update…and stuff like that.

I know Iam asking for alot but if someone could help me here that would be great.



  1. You need to become familiar with loading text from an external .txt file and to html enable a text box.


There is the tutorial. To HTML enable that text box change the code Kirupa gives you to look like this…

loadText = new loadVars();
//creating the loadVarsText function
loadText.onLoad = function() {
                scroller.html = true;
		scroller.htmlText = this.kirupatext;

With HTML enabled textboxes you are allowed to use most text formatting tags to chnage the size, font and color of the text, and italics, bold and underlined, etc. You are also enabled to use HTML links (a href tags and such).

  1. What you will need to know to build a full site…

how to use loadMovie()
Using AS to replace tweens (AS motion) reduces file size.
how to make buttons and/or use movie clips as buttons
how to apply actions to these buttons
Using function and/or prototypes for repeated code to reduce file size.

Well these are some of the things you may need to know. If anyone else has any to add/remove to my list…be my guest.

PS: I am deleting the thread you started labeled “sigh”. Please don’t post spam threads :slight_smile:

yeah… truthfuly there is no easy way to say, “here are the steps to build a site.” Almost all Flash based sites are built to specs. ie. they are built with the end product in mind. Since you can use many different techniques to accomplish the same effect, it’s not possible to say that this or that is the way to do something. In general, Lostinbeta has provided the names of specific areas in Flash that one needs to know in order to do a web site.

I suggest in addition that you learn how to make transitioning movie clips. (ie… when you press on a button some animation that’s playing, or waiting to play, finishes before going on to whatever the button links too, be it another frame, or URL. This adds smoothness to a site.

Don’t know what to tell ya

sorry about the spam…i am a little confused about this fourm…iam used to PHPBB type fourms…these ones are a little different.

WOW…that was extactaly what I needed to know…many many thanks…about 5 min agao I transfered my domian to a new host…i hate how u have to wait a couple of days for it to take effect…but oh well…iam still exticted.
So in about a week check out my site…I will have a HTML site up, and once I get the hang of everything in Flash then I will have a Flash site up and running in no time.

Well…thanks…I will keep u guys updated.

Later :cool:

I have done it…



ok…I have started the initational design of my flash site…but I now have a question…when desiging my menu where do I want the…lets take the home button for expample…where do I point the link to?
Do I make the whole flash site one big movie (then just have the menu button point to a framer?) or do I break the site up in to bits?

there are a bunch of tutes…

go crazy…