Going to a KMK Concert Friday Night!

When: Friday February 18th
Where: Marque Theature
Bands: Kottonmouth Kings, [url=“http://www.kingspade.com/”]Kingspade, Judge D, DJ Bobby B, [url=“http://www.saintdog.com/”]Saint Dog, [url=“http://www.humblegods.com/”]Daddy X, [url=“http://www.controversysells.com/”]Big B, [url=“http://www.opmden.com/”]OPM, [url=“http://www.dgafmusic.com/”]Royal Henchmen and SubNoize Souljaz

All of the groups are part of SNR (Suburban Noize Record).

Suburban Noize Records (http://www.suburbannoizerecords.com/main.htm)

Suburban Noize Radio (http://www.snirs.com)

They are basically the groups (actually just daddy x) that started SRH brand clothing which I’m sure you have seen the logo around, especially along the west coast.

Just thought I’d spam about it since I’m excited about it.