Good news!

AllTheWeb indexing SWF

Some clients are afraid to use Flash content on their pages as search engines does not pick up the content of the SWF file. This problem is about to be solved.
The search engine AllTheWeb is the second major search engine to add support for SWF content. Google has had this feature for a while but only indexes the URLs found inside the SWFs. According to Fast, the company behind, the SWF files are treated as HTML. The engine will fully index the text, and extract all the links from within the files indexed. To search exclusively inside SWF content, use the advanced search on

According to the press release, the “functionality will automatically be made available to FAST’s portal partners, such as InfoSpace, Lycos, T-Online, and Tiscali, as well as to the millions of people who perform their searches through these portals.” In addition, Fast also deliver services to multiple local search engines. For the SWF format, this is an important step. The argument that “SWF files are not indexed by search engines” has long been a popular phrase with those praising alternative technologies.