Good online mac store?

I’m looking to start pricing some powerbooks. what are some good online stores to check out? :wink:

^^ What he said.

If you wanted an offline store, you could go to the Apple Retail stores. :slight_smile:

For people in the UK, try:

I havent bought from anywhere other than Apple themselves so i really cant recomend anyone but them.

Maybe slightly off topic -

I’m looking for mac stores as well, but ones that have used low-end macs. Mac SE/30s or Classic IIs in particular. And preferably based in Toronto. Any suggestions?

Not based in toronto but eBay always manages to drag up some old school apples.

Haha, thanks, I actually didn’t even think of eBay. :trout:

Im always tempted to buy the greatest looking and greatest flawed piece of Apple gear off eBay (the G4 Cube).

I think i will one day!

there are no apple resellers (like newegg or tigerdirect [for PC] like) you guys can suggest…?

No seriously, the Apple Store is the best.

If your looking to get a deal on new equipment, it won’t happen. Apple has their prices locked no matter where you go. However there are places you can get extras when you buy a mac, like free printers, ram, etc.
Check out

Some places that are based in the UK do deals on Refurbed machines. Such as the link i posted before. Not sure about in the States however.