Google Conversion Tracking in AS2?

I have a Flash AS2 site with a contact form. The contact form calls mymail.php and sends me an email with the users input. The php sends a confirmation back to the flash file.

I have a Google Adwords campaign. I would like to use their conversion tool to see which of their referrals got to my flash contact page. They give me a bunch of javascript code that can be used with php but it is supposed to get put between the body tags.

Any ideas how I could call this piece of code from Flash AS2?

Sample Code (To be installed inbetween the BODY tags)

<!-- Google Code for Purchase Conversion Page -->
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var google_conversion_id = 1234567890;
var google_conversion_language = "en_US";
var google_conversion_format = "1";
var google_conversion_color = "666666";
var google_conversion_label = "Purchase";
if (1) {
var google_conversion_value = 1
<script language="JavaScript" src="">
<img height=1 width=1 border=0