Google Fi cell service

Anyone use it yet? It’s month to month, I just started it yesterday, so far it works very well in my area. 60mbps on LTE. I’m going to give it a month before I cancel my overpriced Verizon cell.

I’m not really liking the Nexus 5x though. :disappointed:


Its been a week and i love it! The t mobile cell towers near me are fantastic.

(Fi cell data is from towers of tmobile, sprint, us cellular and free roaming on the big names in some cases)

So far its waaay cheaper, no bullshit fees, works faster than my verizon did, $5 insurance if u want it, wifi calling if needed, no bs fee for teathering, no contract, $200 for the nexus 5x, finance it at no charge if u wanted too.

Ive been feeling ■■■■■■ by verizon for a while, but its been pointed out to me that it was me ■■■■■■■ myself with their dick.

Im going to port my regular number now that i know it works well here