Google Mirror site

Hmmm… Strange.

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

now THAT is a mirror site. :cyclops:

dizzying…but funny.

hehe, funny
I expected the text to be inversed too,
maybe I just expect too much :slight_smile:


I love the fact that you have to reverse spell your text to be searched… :stuck_out_tongue:



!tsael ta stsop ro ,sdrawkcab eb setis t’nac yhW , ti evol I !taerg
os si tahT !!! GMO


Now forwards…

OMG!!! That is so great! I love it, Why can’t more sites be backwards, or posts at least!

That is crazy. :crazy:


Lol searches acturally work. I was about to fetch a mirror to look at it properly but I noticed that although the text is inverted the letters are still normal. :slight_smile:

are u googling?

It is amazing what some CSS filters can do… :beam: