Gosh, another problem! :(

here it is:

At the first frame of the movie, I have the action “stop”, so the movie will not go on, and stay in the first frame. Inside this frame, there is a movieclip, and inside this movieclip, I have a button.

When I click at the button, I want the main movie to go on and skip to frame 2. I’ve tried this actionscript inside the button:

on (release) {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp gotoAndStop (“Scene 1”, 2);

“Scene 1” is how my main scene is called. Nothing happens when I click at the button… can anyone help me?

Thank you,
Bruno Feu

Under frame select expression and try using _root.gotoAndPlay(1,2) under the frame box. i hope that helped

Hi, I had a BIG pb trying to go to a scene from within a movieclip untill I found out that it is simply NOT POSSIBLE!
The onky workaround I came up with (and this works!) is to use a label in the goto.
But why bother with the scene anyway, all you want to do is go to the next frame, no?
So: _root.play()!

actually, all you need to change is your gotoAndPlay. change it to this: gotoAndPlay(2); that’s all. you don’t need to specify the scene if it’s in the same one.

using a combo of all you guys help I’ve made it out using:


thanks guys!