Scene to Scene

I have 2 scenes one called intro and one called main. My intro is the first one, In that I have a movieclip and in that movie clip I have a button. I want to when I click on the button that is inside the movieclip to goto and play frame one of my main scene. What do I do?


please be advised that this will take the playhead to the next scene and will stop. This means that at some point you will want to start playing the movie again… btw, this code can go in frame one of intro.

nope, didnt work. Can you do this action on a frame?

Paste this on a frame of your intro timeline[AS]movieClip.button.onPress = function() {
gotoAndPlay(“Scene 2”, 1);

Where is the movie clip?

I’ll send the fla. hold in a sec

it wont send it

I’ll try to explain it again. I have a scene called intro. In that scene there is an animation and then at frame 50 there is a stop action. Frame 50 hold my movieclip. in that movie clip there is a button. When you press on the button. It goes to frame 51-61 of the Moveclip timeline not the intro. On frame 61 I want it to go to my scene 2 and stop. :sigh: