Got a little job if someone's interested

All right guys,…i have this logo, and i need it animated,…
I need the golfer to swing the club,…and then stay in position he is in now,…

Please tell me if you could do this, as well as the price you’d charge me.

Thanks a lot,

nobody interested? ;(

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**…Everyone likes money and stuff.

pj :stuck_out_tongue: **

Best quote ever :):nerd:

A little abstract, but do-able. :slight_smile: I’m willing to give it a go…

Could you show the starting position as well, I’m not terribly au fait with golfing posture. :slight_smile:

What format, Flash I presume?

hi kitiara,

-yes, format is flash
-about the starting position,…i was thinking about that one as well,…the movement has to be right.
hmm,…it has to look (resemble) the guy taking a swing at it,…

  • i don’t have the exact “starting postion” pic,…
    -btw.the house on the side just sits there

-let me think about that starting position,…let me see what i could send you to make it easier


btw. not that i’m questioning your skills or anything,…but do you have a website?

Not a personal one yet, never had the time. :sure: But if you want to see what I’ve done before, then here’s some sites -

And artwork etc is on .

Should be enough there to keep you going for a while. :slight_smile:

I can use this end picture as a guide to how it would start off I think… Don’t suppose you have that image as a vector, do you? .ai would be great. Or .psd… Otherwise I’ll just trace into Flash. :slight_smile:

i could make you a .ai or psd…but since it’s this simple,…i think just tracing it in fla would be good enough.

Let me know,
and thanks

OK. Will probably take a couple of days, since I’m up to my ears at work. :slight_smile: I’ll post it as soon as I have finished.

your golf club is upside down, just so you know…

is it??? no clue,…i didn’t design the logo…