Got Firefox? Got GMail? Get this

my friend’s just pointed out this rather natty extension for firefox. It adds a Gmail icon to the status bar of Firefox which checks your account every so often and notifies you of new mail. Can also be used to evoke a windows new mail alertbox for users of windows.

Av a look for yourself:

that rocks, I installed it and I love it, thanks

Thank You… You May Call Your Self A God For A Few Hours, Or Before I Get Off This Hipe :slight_smile:

Something else that might be interesting…

Great link m_andrews808, I can’t wait to try it!

eh… doesnt seem to work for mac… ooooo well!

Really nice. When I installed the Gmail Compose plugin, I was wondering when this would come.

aye, its nice and neat, seems to work a treat too

moncreyweasel in what way is it not working? do you get the gmail button in the status bar of firefox?