GotoAndPlay help please!

I am developing yet another CD-ROM series using Flash MX. In these programs there is an “Index” button that loads a movie with different terms used throughout the material. When a user clicks on a “term” it sends the _level0 to a specific frame that loads a movie on _level1. The problem is that several “terms” take the user to the same frame on _level0. If the user is already on a specific frame and opens the “index” and happens to click on a “term” that takes them to the _level0 frame that they are already on, it advances 1 frame past the intended target frame. Is there a way to tell it to stay on that frame and play, possibly with an “if” statement?

Use gotoAndStop if it’s a static frame. Yes you can use variables but try that first.

Thanks Flex. I tried the GotoAndStop and it does this. If the _level1 clip has not yet been loaded, it loads and runs, but if you hit another button that takes you to the same _level0 frame, it does not move on to the next frame as it was doing befor, but the _level1 clip stops running.

any ideas?

ok, I solved the problem by adding a _level1.gotoAndPlay(1); to the “index” button after the _level0 GotoAndStop. I seems to work fine. Thanks for your help flex.