gotoAndStop frame label in different movie clip


I’m having a problem with this one…

On my main timeline, in frame one, I have a movie clip called “mc” (for sample sake)
Inside that movie, I have a frame “playme”

On frame two of the MAIN timeline, I have another movie clip. Inside that movie clip I have a button where I simply want the action for it to gotoAndStop to the mc to frame “playme”

I’ve been able to figure out much more complicated _root/_parent/_level0 scenarios before, but for some reason I cannot get that second button to go to the mc"playme" frame.

I’ve tried:“playme”);“playme”);

and basically about 9,000 other versions, none of which work. If I put the button on the main timeline(stage) of course it works. So it’s a path thing.

I’m sure this is simple but if ANYONE can help me it would be much appreciated. The swf file that I am using will be using this same scenario several times throughout.