Movie clip causing problem?

I am trying to do a very simple thing but it is not working at the moment. All i am trying to do is go to a different frame. I have a button made up with the command:-\r\ron (release) {\r gotoAndStop (5);\r}\r\rThis has always worked before. I have placed the button inside the movie clip, tried it outside but it still dont work.\r\rAny of you got an idea as to what is wrong?\r\rwould be very grateful if anyone could help.\r\rthanks alastair\r\r

if you’re trying to tell the main timeline to gotoAndStop, then use “_root” with a period, like so.\r\ron (release) {\r_root.gotoAndStop (5);\r}\r\rif you had your button on the main timeline and you wanted to tell a movie clip to gotoAndStop(5), then you would have to give your movie clip an “instance” name, in the “instance” panel… as opposed to the name you gave it when you created it. Then if your movie clip was named something like “myMovieClip”, you could use the following, from the main timeline.\r\ron (release) {\rmyMovieClip.gotoAndStop (5);\r}\r\rnow… if you took that same button and put it in another movie clip, and you wanted it to control a movie clip that was located on the main timeline with the movie clip that contained the button, then the button’s script would be…\r\ron (release) {\r_root.myMovieClip.gotoAndStop (5);\r}\r\r"_root" always refers to the main timeline of the movie you’re in… for most purposes it’s the same thing as “_level0”.\r"_parent" refers to the timeline that contains the timeline you have the action in.

upuaut8 - thank you for giving me a hand with my problem, it is very much appreciated, as i would be totally lost without the help of flash peeps like yourself.\r\rthanks ali

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