Gotoandstop on an mc

I have a flash movie that plays an intro and then stops. the last frame contain buttons etc for navigating the site. The buttons are in a movie clip named menu. when a user clicks a button it loads a new swf over the top of the original intro (stopped frame), amongst other actions see below:

on (press) {
loadMovieNum(“wwd.swf”, 2);
on (rollOver) {
loadMovieNum(“navigatewwd.swf”, 1);
on (rollOut) {
loadMovieNum(“infocenter.swf”, 1);

To these actions i want to add an action to gotoandstop a specified frame (lets say frame 20 for example) on the main intro. (this will be a plain white frame) I want it to do this before loading the movie onto level 2.

does this make sense?

my reason for doing this is so that the main intro frames are not visible behind the movies loaded to level 2. as i transition through the various pages of the site the background (ie the stopped frame of the intro) flashes briefly before the new swf is loaded on level 2.

any help would be greatly appreciated.