Gradual memory leak - cacheAsBitmap & filters array culprits?

My webapp progressively slows down over 45 min of use. People will be using it for longer, and it needs maintain its snappiness.

I’m making sure to dump() any Bitmaps I use and of course clear any intervals that are running, but for some reason there’s a buildup over time, and only restarting the browser clears up the lag, for example, when the user is entering text. I’m going to go ahead that it’s an error in how I’m building things and not a Flash memory leak:)

Question 1: I read somewhere that every time that I “cacheAsBitmap,” the movieclip must explicitly be set to cacheAsBitmap = false, or else the memory won’t be freed up, in the same way that Bitmaps must be dump()ed to free up memory. I’m assuming I need to only do this for MCs that I cacheAsBitmap by code, and not through the GUI. Is this correct? Do I need set cacheAsBitmap = false via code even for MovieClips that I check off with “use runtime bitmap caching” through the Flash GUI?

Question 2: When I have added filters (like a DropShadowFilter) to the filter array of a movieClip, do I need to do anything to free up that memory, such as delete the references to the filters, or set filters to a blank array, before the MovieClip is removed… or is this done automatically? I have been assuming that it is handled by flash, but this could be a HORRIBLE assumption. Could be a serious culprit of my gradual slowdown.

Thanks for your help, and knowledge :slight_smile:


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