Pretty cool. Especially when tagging with other people.

I usually have to put the whole chat room on ignore, people get pretty stupid in public paint rooms.

AMAZING find sir!

yeah, it’s alot of fun to mess around in, but I like fighting with all the stupid people :stuck_out_tongue: (including myself)

Already been posted. 1st page. By the better leader :bad:.

You are 3 pages late. You must be slayed now.

well I did a search and it didn’t come up… so it is I the Best Man… The Better Man.

p.s. your thread got no replies… nobody loves you.

That’s because I posted like 13 threads at once. No one wanted to read it :sure:.

Look closely little one. You will find it. How did you know it has no replys if you can’t find it?

I am the best man. It’s okay. Just be quiet and let it go :pleased:.

Ouch… Good one Ethan :wink:

And don’t be calling someone older then you little, just doesn’t fit… Lol
Why is it that problems always start with Sharif… sigh

I thought sharif was far younger?

awesome, i like 2 erase other people:evil:

Ouch? He was kidding around.

Once again you think it’s a fight. Grinch what’s your problem. We were joking around. You’re way too sensitive. Geez just be quiet already and stay out of it. Nothing even happened with me and ethanm. So cut your little “sharif is always the problem” thing. What a cool person you are always making me seem like I start fights. The arguements always start because you say something about me. I’m not the problem here, you are.