Sharif and Grinch


Sharif contacted me on AIM complaining about grinch. He say’s grinch is always looking for a fight, etc…

He asked that I PM grinch and ask him to stop.

Problem being is that Sharif is as much to blame as all he does is spam the forums with meaningless garbage.

I don’t really follow grinch’s posts, and to be honest I really haven’t been on the forums much as of late due to work, so maybe I’m missing some of the flame war posts?

Anyway, I know we have discussed these 2 in the past, so what gives? How long are these guys going to keep this up?

Has anyone contacted either of the 2 members explaining the situation? I’ll gladly send out some pm’s warning them about their actions.

Basically IMHO, these 2 need to either stop or stop coming around the forums.

Well, i’m not much into all the Sharif/Grinch war either.
But reading some of the 156 pages of the extremely long-boring-stupid-and-useless X-BOX Halo K-Team thread, i think both of them should be warned to stop bringing personal attacks to the forums.
Ehhhh… what the hell, lets delete all that junk.

I haven’t even attempted to read that thread you speak of :lol: I could only imagine what’s in there.

Yeah, don’t waste your time on that thread Digital… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we scare off the kids a little and a throw a temp-ban on their accounts? Maybe delete the crap too.

What ahmed just said.

or we can swap around their titles/footers/styles/etc =)

:lol: I like Thor’s idea the best :evil:

Lol thor you are evil :stuck_out_tongue:
I like that idea :evil:

I’ve received a PM from Sharif this time:

Hey Kirupa,

Everytime I talk to someone and I’m kidding around with them and they’re kidding around with me, Grinch always comes out of nowhere and says how I’m starting another fight and an argument :a:.

He’s SERIOUSLY getting on my last nerve. I feel like I’m about to explode at him. I can’t help it, he’s so annoying. Me and EthanM and kidding around saying who’s better than who because I posted the PlaydoGraffiti site first but he got more posts and then he comes out of nowhere saying how I’m a problem.

Can you please say something to him? He has this stupid thing against me now that he always says how I’m a problem. Before I get banned I’d really appreciate if this stops and he just minds his own business…

  • Sharif
    Shall I send them both a PM requesting them to keep the arguments to themselves on AIM or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

PLEASE ban them for a few days!

I’d say at least a PM or FINAL warning is in order at least. Although I think they ony way they will learn and listen is if you do what Ahmed suggested.

Hey Grinch and Sharif!
I’m sending you both the same message just to make sure that it doesn’t seem like I am favoring one over another.

From what I have seen, from the complaints I have heard from others, and from the complaints each of you have voiced directly to me or other moderators, I get the feeling that there is some animosity between the both of you. I have no problem with that. Even I have a huge list of members I dislike on the forums.

What I and the mods do have a problem with is not that you both are not the best of friends. What the mods and I have a problem with is that you are both bringing that animosity to the forums - in your posts. Try to deal with this issue in a more constructive way besides playing verbal games on the forums.

Try to settle it with a game of Halo or whatever else you both play on the XBOX. That’s the closest thing to a 1800’s style duel I can legally say and not get taken to court over :evil:

If I or the mods ever hear another negative complaint from other members that involves either of you regarding the other, BOTH of you will be tempbanned for one day. The tempban will re-occur for each time the mods and I get such a complaint that contains both of your names in the same message.

In short, try to solve this issue by yourselves. You are both very valuable assets to the forums, and I would have to cry myself to sleep for a few weeks if I had to ban both of you :slight_smile:

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:
I sent them both the above PM. Hopefully that may cause them to behave more nicely…or at least not pester random people with their differences :slight_smile:

Hahaha, good stuff kirupa. :slight_smile:

Fair enough :slight_smile:

Looks good to me. I agree with the one day temp bans.

Nice :cop:

I received a complaint from xxviii about sharif and his constant spam-like postings on everything and anything. Should I send him another PM requesting him to calm down the posting rush? This isn’t grinch related, so I didn’t think tempbanning him for this without a warning would be fair.

Yeah I would warn him. Hasnt this issue of spam been brought up before too though?

If he hasnt been warned for this yet - then warn him, if he has, then i would temp ban.

edit: Maybe tell him post count has nothing to do with mod-hood? If he can get that in his head, maybe that will slow him down a bit too.