Graphic Collaborations

I recently finished two wallpaper collaborations with a good friend of mine.
My first collaboration pieces. I’m mainly posting them for your viewing pleasure but if you’ve got some critique, I’m all for it!

Here they are:

heart breaker

the consumer

Click the thumbnails to view full size 1024x768.

:frowning: nobody likes them.

Dont assume nobody likes em it just takes some time for people to reply but you will get some. I am not very good at image critics but I can tell you I really like the first one the colors and mood of the picture blend together wonderfully the second one is also good just a bit to freaky looking for my liking lol.

I like the first one, the imagry is strong and the colors work nice and are vivid. Everything looks right and awesome! I guess I just don’t get the second one. Maybe it just freaks me out or something. The strage proportions and stuff mess with me. The texture on the face and the extra things in the foreground seem a little out of place.

hey thanks guys.
yeah everyone seems to like the heart breaker one.
Hmm I guess the dark art one is just too freaky. I think we went too far with it. Oh well… it’s something to be proud of, but nothing extremely special I guess.

Or maybe I’m just asking the wrong people… I mean maybe those who like that kind of art think it’s awesome. maybe they don’t. I don’t know.

But thanks anyways, guys! I’ll be sure to post any more collaborations I make with this friend of mine. He’s a great guy lemme tell ya. go to his site and check out some of his stuff.