here are a few wallpapers i’ve made. i’m trying to refine my style a little bit and i’d like to know if anyone else digs it. there’s one thats an illustrator drawing and one that is an illustrator drawing taken into photoshop. hope you like them.

[please excuse msn. i don’t have my own domain yet but i’m working on it. ]

The first one looks awesome, looks like a future cover of LP. Second one has conflicting color themes, the sea monster is cartoon, then the guy/girl on the rock is just, misplaced?

While the second one was loading - I thought it was really cool. And then the girl sitting on the rock loaded and it just looked out of porportion ;).

The first one was great though :D.

first one looks like it was made by hand… which is good. As for the second one, i think it would be better off if it were simpler (for example working on the octopus a tad more and making it the focal point of your pic)

I loved the grunge of the first one! Looks really great, I mean really great! <Lol odd.
But keep it up bro, let’s see some more soon.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I agree the second one is a little off. It’s more of a wacko personal vision for me. any likes/dislikes about the first one. I apperciate all critique. I have a bunch more work i want to show you guys so there’ll be more soone.


the first one is awesome, GJ! the second one…mmmmmm…not something I would use as a wallpaper but nice :slight_smile:

I like the first one, maybe if the guy was a bit bigger it would bring out more detail.

wow… Dude the first one was wicked!! totaly sweat!!

First one is very nice, the second is just needed of more developement, i like them both. Good work :slight_smile:

First one rocks, I don’t like the second… to cartoony