Great oppitunity(or how ever you spell it lol)

Right, I need a crew to help me achive a great experince on building a website such as Habbo Hotel, or runescape.

I`m on my way of buying a Flash Communication Server to help hole the rooms and the people for the site, o got much cash but i am willing to share it out when the site starts making money

i basicly need

Flash programmer
Php programmer
Sql Programmer

please help i will give a good share on the money when it makes it :):wink:

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Regardless of his post being awkward, its still a bannable offense to spell-check someone if they are making a serious post, especially in the job section =/.

I can see working for free with a contract to own a percentage of the the company/profits. With no contract there is now way I would touch a project like this.

yes please keep it civil. And keep in mind English is not everyones native language. The poster spelt it right enough for you to know what he was trying to spell, therefore you understood what was being said.

If this was a serious post, we probably scared them off. I have been guilty of this in the past. But going forward we need to keep the comments to minimum and be respectful. Unless you have some first hand knowledge of shady dealings. Then i would say speak up. Nothing worse than a member getting took for a ride.

duly noted and comments removed.