Green Sheep Design - Our New Site!

Hi all,

Just finished the new site for our company (web and graphic design).

Feel free to let us know what you think or if you have any problems with any parts (hopefully not!).

The address is:


I like it a lot except its almost like its too tall. I guess the flash and HTML dont mesh very well to me. Also, the scrolling from side to side on the top is a bit weird…its almost like its opposite.

The art direction looks good and the little animations keep it interesting.

However, the horizontal scrolling motion does not work well - basically its opposite to the expected scroll direction. Also, moving the mouse to either the left or right extreme fails to automatically scroll the swf.

As said above, I’m not sure the HTML and FLASH mesh well. Having to scroll-down to the HTML to view content, wasn’t what I expected. Should you find a way to make it work together, you could turn this good site into a great site.

Overall, it looks good.

I would prefer to see a mouse position scroll versus a drag scroll. makes the user work for no reason. Also I think that flash should be a feature on the home page only as eye candy. Maybe lose the top nav as well on the home page or play it back a bit. Having that there doesn’t encourage me to play with your flash piece. Also it takes up too much space. Don’t forget the user is there to get information or see your capabilities. And right now that flash piece takes up the entire fold (on all pages). Also you should apply a bold class or some other indicator to the top nav to also let the user know where they are. Also there is very little variation in your pages. Makes it seem very cheap. I know you are after a unified look. But vary it up a bit.

Over all the artwork is cool. I haven;t looked at the mark up but I will assume it is ok.

Sorry if others have said the same thing. I tend to post before reading others posts.


Just notices a inconsistency I think. In some instances, I mouse over a sign to get some info. but in the case of print design it did not work. So I was like whatever. But then I accidentally moused over the sheep on the bench and the apple fell on his head and info was presented. Nice little Easter egg. but it was too hidden IMO.

I love hybrid sites. People tend to fullscreen flash for no reason. I dig this site as well. Nice work.

Got an error when I hit the contact button. Also, I’m not a big fan of the opposite scrolling function. It doesn’t make intuitive sense to me that if I want to see what is to the left I have to move the mouse to the far right. This kind of navigation will confuse a lot of people that aren’t necessarily Flash site savvy.

Love the artwork though, and the reoccurring green sheep is great. Nice work. :thumb:

Thanks for sharing. ^.^

^What’s that about? You got something useful to add?