Greenhouse emissions

No need to start any flares here. Im just wondering if someone has any hard facts about some things.

Well this all came to me the other day when i saw an ad on tv for a steel company, which had a family saying: “We helped save the environment by building our house out of steel stud framing instead of timber stud framing”. And I thought to myself, sure so you saved to equal amount of timber as say 10 trees. But what about the manufacturing of steel?? You have to mine ore, with big trucks that produce emissions. Then you have to smelt the ore and etc, would that process produce far great amounts of emissions then the manufacturing of timber.

Also i was thinking about Fluorescent Light Bulbs and the argon and mercury inside them. What does it take to refine argon from the atmosphere? What is the carbon footprint of this?
Herd an interesting ‘fact’ from a friend who tends to exaggerate sometimes, that the productions of a 1sq m solar cell uses an 1000L of water. I’m not sure if it really is that much, but I’m sure large sheets of silicon is not an easy or resource friendly thing to produce.

Anyway, that was just my little ponder/rant about the information/propaganda we are given about global warming etc. If any has any hard facts to straighten me out and not be so skeptical of the whole thing, bring it on. haha.