Grrr damn ReferenceError: Error #1065:

Hello guys,

Im working on this project at work, which incorporates a few classes that consist of,,,,HashMap,, As you can see theres quite a few classes involved. Anyways heres my compiling error that I get when I complie my fla.

ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable LoadingBarClip_2 is not defined.

I’ve tried plenty of blog posts regarding to this compiling error. I understand its pretty common but, I couldnt find the problem in my classes. This is what I’ve done so far to track it down.

  1. Tried finding all variables declared with the name LoadingBarClip_2, but no luck.
  2. Makeing sure all classes are declared with the access control modifier set to public.
  3. Also makeing sure all instances of classes are being declared correctly with var someVar:LoadingBarClip_2 = LoadingBarClip_2();.

I have uploaded my files to usendit, below is the url where you can find it.

Please any help on this issue that I’m haveing would be very nice.